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How Do I Maintain My Weight Loss?

Diet. Fitness woman fit girl with measure tape measuring her waist

The reason I chose this topic is because it answers a rather popular question.

While there is quite an abundance of information out there geared toward weight loss in and of itself, there doesn’t seem to be as much discussing the act of maintaining it once this goal has been reached.

So today, I’m going to share a few tips with you about how to make sure the hard work you’ve put into changing your lifestyle stays with you.

I’m going to start by discussing the mental aspects weight management, followed by some quick and easy ‘do this, do that’ kind of tips.

The reason for this is because while I can offer you all of the ‘how tos’ that exist in the world, what REALLY matters is…

are you ready for this?…

Your overall mindset and state of being in regard to how you view yourself, life and the world in general.

Your weight issues are a direct result of a Cause – and that Cause is related to the aforementioned statement, whether you realize this or not.

I can give you tips, but unless you are in a mental state of being that allows you to not only absorb the info, but use the advice consistently, you won’t reap the benefits for long.

So on that note, let’s get to it shall we?

Tips to Maintaining Weight Loss

Tip #1 – Develop a Mentality That a Healthy Person Would Naturally Have

Have you noticed the individuals out there who just seem to naturally engage in the behaviors that slim, fit and healthy people exhibit? It’s as if there is no effort involved on their part. They prefer the healthy foods, and they seem to approach the idea of exercise with a sense of enthusiasm.

You might hear them order the jolly green salad from the take out menu because that’s what they really want, and they’ll tell you how they often discover some of their best ideas during a bike ride.

The best way to maintain weight loss is to be like those individuals (at least to the best of your ability).

This means that instead of being someone who chooses the jolly green salad because it’s the right thing to do – BECOME someone who naturally prefers things like a jolly green salad, or something similar.

See the difference?

To maintain weight loss, you have to no longer want to be the person who put the weight on to begin with. Instead, you would want to be someone who thinks the thoughts and engages in the behavior that healthy people do…because this is what your Truth is!

Now does this mean you may have to do some work on thy ‘self’?

Yep, it sure does.

If you continue to do the same things (which always stems from the mind), you will continue to get the same results. It’s called the Principle of Cause and Effect – and it’s immutable.

When your overall mentality is that of someone who really cares about themselves and wants to treat themselves with dignity and respect because this is what makes sense on the deepest level –

You will begin to automatically make choices that offer you the gift of well-being instead of doing things in an effort to “not screw up”.

Tip #2 – Find What You Loved About the Weight Loss Process and Keep it Up

Did you discover that life was easier when you had your meals planned out for the day/week while on your ‘diet’ as opposed to waiting until you were starving and mentally vulnerable before making a useless food choice?

Did you appreciate how AMAZING you felt after a workout?

And the final question – did you stop doing these things once you reached your weight loss goal?

And if so, why?

While it’s easy enough to revert back to old behavior as soon as you’ve gotten what you wanted (because your mentality hasn’t changed), the truth is that this is an ongoing process that lasts a lifetime.

See, you may not know this, but as we age, we naturally lose muscle tissue. This causes a steady and constant decrease in our metabolism – which results in easier weight gain with less effort.

Nice huh?

So because of this, it’s important to realize that weight management is really about keeping up with what you were doing to enable weight loss because stopping the beneficial behavior won’t keep you stable – and will eventually set you back.

Having this awareness can serve to help you realize why it’s a good idea to find what you love about the process in an effort to stick with it for a lifetime.

These two tips will work in your benefit because they will help you to internally become the version of yourself you want to continue to experience – which is the most effective and permanent way to go about getting what you want.

And since we’ve covered this, now we’ll go on to the ‘quick and easy’ tips.

8 Simple Rules For Maintaining Your Weight Loss

  1. Continue to use your weight loss tools as maintenance tools (such as nutrition/fitness trackers and journals).
  2. Make a realistic workout schedule based on activities you enjoy.
  3. Mentally revisit the way you felt when you were overweight every now and then as a reminder of why you worked so hard to change your body in the first place.
  4. Keep healthy foods around at all times and keep your blood sugar stable.
  5. Avoid having useless foods around as you will most likely eat them for one reason or another.
  6. Become proficient in how you deal with cravings.
  7. Keep your stress levels down.
  8. Physically surround yourself with healthy minded individuals and tools that inspire well-being.

If you do the inner-work discussed in the first part of this post, you’ll find that the quick tips will happen on their own without as much effort.

The key to maintaining weight loss is to become and remain someone who lives and breathes well-being.

Once this becomes your priority, things in your life will begin to revolve around this intention.

Have you lost weight just to regain it later on? If so, what was the reason?

Why I Write for Formulated Fitness

Dana Gore Formulated Fitness

This post is going to be a little different than the rest.

The reason for this is because I wanted to take a moment and simply communicate what my mission is here – as I continue to develop content for all of you (to hopefully benefit from) each and every week.

The truth is, there are no shortages of health and fitness websites, blogs, youtube channels, books, products, etc for any of you to gain information about how to lead a fit and healthy life…

…and while many of them have valuable insight to share, sometimes, it helps to remember that since everyone is unique in their own way, offering a perspective can make a bigger impact than just obtaining information in and of itself.

I get to share my perspective in my posts, and this is why I feel I’ve had a pretty cool gig going on here.

Why I Write for Formulated Fitness

Now if you have followed my other posts here on Formulated Fitness, you’ll undoubtedly have noticed that I have certain themes that accompany every subject matter that I write about.

Those themes have to do with awareness, an overall desire for well-being and assuming personal responsibility for ourselves.

There is quite an abundance of health and fitness publications out there, and as mentioned earlier, many of them offer some fantastic advice and insight into how to use exercise and nutrition properly.

In fact, I often include several of these resources in my own posts – as they have been valuable additions to the information I share.

But there is one small, but extremely important factor that I feel I can contribute to the mix – and that factor is a combination of my own perspective, and personal experiences.

Why should this matter?

Well, I feel it matters because underneath everything, we are still human beings who like to connect with one another.

Speaking for myself, when I discover content that offers information, what I have found myself relating to the most was the human behind the words.

Information in and of itself has a lot to offer, but since we, as human beings, often use information in our own way, we get to develop a personal perspective.

Perspective is what takes a set of facts and allows them to be expanded on.

Perspective is what gives life to information.

The reason I enjoy writing for Formulated Fitness is because since the beginning of my gig here, I have been allowed to share my own perspectives in regard to healthy-living.

And since I, like many of you, have found that certain things work while others don’t, it’s refreshing to be in a position to be able to share my thoughts in regard to my experiences about the very subject matters I am also offering information about.


When you’ve spent a good portion of your life dealing with certain challenges, you develop perspective.

This perspective is based on:

  • What worked and what didn’t – and why.
  • What thought processes went into the cause and subsequent effect of a subject matter.
  • What the overall experience was.
  • What valuable lessons it had to offer based on my own ability to observe and therefore, form a big picture.

Now again, while I find there to be a lot of valuable information out there covering the topic of health and fitness, without perspective, one is likely to follow along with the suggestions made by the collective computer systems – otherwise known as “the masses”.

The thing that I prefer to add to the mix is my perspective about why things may or may not work, who they may be best suited for – and most importantly…

…what caused the result you are trying to change.

There are mental and psychological components involved with health and fitness – and everything else we experience for that matter.

And unless these things are identified and addressed, the likelihood of remaining in a never-ending cycle of “break it, fix it – break it, fix it” is pretty high.

It is from my own experiences that I have reached this discovery, and why I see that regardless of how many weight loss programs there are out there, we continue to gain weight and live in unhealthy bodies.

Without being able to share my perspective with you in my posts, all I would be doing is telling you how to eat, what exercises to do, etc.

This is only a part of the equation…and it’s because I am able to share my perspective and express myself freely here that I feel I can offer you an additional piece of the puzzle – that having to do with awareness.

I know that simply eating right and exercising isn’t THE answer. If it were, it would work for everyone all of the time.

But since it doesn’t, it’s safe to say that there are other factors involved – again, that having to do with awareness, or lack thereof.

And because of my own experiences in the cycle of gain weight/ lose weight, I have taken the time to step back and question the whole subject in its entirety…

…and it has served to be an enlightening experience. One that I get to discuss in every post I write here.

How This Relates to Health and Fitness

When it comes to how we take care of ourselves, perspective is everything.

Two individuals can watch the same television programming, read the same books and even grow up in the same household – raised by the same parents.

However, even with the similarities involved in such external circumstances, there will still be a matter of individual perspective.

This is what makes us unique.

If we align our perspectives with truth, we will make decisions based on a well-rounded set of facts.

It’s easier to get a well-rounded set of facts if you are in a position to gain insight not just for the sake of information…but from the USE of information – and subsequent results of others who have their own wisdom to share.

I get to share my experiences and opinions here with you…in the hopes that you’ll relate to something I have expressed which may offer you an additional direction, a spark of inspiration – or simply another perspective.

This is why it’s so cool that I get to write for this website.

In fact, I received the news that my work here on Formulated fitness was included in a post on titled “16 People I Highly recommend and Why”…and I know that part of this had to do with the level of creative freedom I am given here in regard to my work.

Adrienne doesn’t recommend just anyone, or any blog.

If she thinks highly of someone, it’s because they have genuinely earned it. And considering that she’s a successful blogger who not only specializes in building relationships, but does so with integrity and care in regard to helping others, the fact that my work here was included in her post says a lot – not just about the work itself, but the fact that I am able to be myself here as I dispense information and advice to those of you seeking to get healthy and be well.

And for this, I am grateful to be a part of the Formulated Fitness Team.

So what about you? Do you find it valuable to learn about other perspectives and experiences in addition to information you’re acquiring?

Image credit goes to Adrienne

What Does Well-Being Look Like?

FF Well-being

I’ve been involved in the health and fitness industry for seven years.

It all began when I accepted a job in a small women’s gym. I absolutely LOVED the experience, both because of the perks I received (free membership)…and the fact that it was a low key place where the often misrepresented ego wasn’t welcome.

The women who attended this place were super cool – and I really liked the owners as well.

It was a place to get in shape without the usual intimidation factor that accompanies so many of the other fitness facilities out there, and for this, I was grateful, as were the members.

The experience inspired me to seek an education in the fitness industry, so I enrolled (along with my husband) in a personal training school owned by a man who has been a huge asset to the industry for well over 30 years. It was a small establishment, and very simple in its function.

The primary goal was to provide credible academic and hands on practical instruction to its students.

Because this place was built from a set of values that focused on education and ethics, it really wasn’t a place to “strut your stuff”. Instead, it offered an environment where students and instructors came together and shared information in an effort to better help the general public reach their health and fitness goals the right way.

In the years since graduation, I have naturally taken notice of the many trends, personalities, programs and facilities that influence the health and fitness industry.

What I’ve noticed is that some are fantastic, while others – well – aren’t.

All in all, however, through my observations, there is one thing that has become abundantly clear to me.

And that has to do with the concept of overall well-being.

I’ll explain this further, but first let me ask you –

What Does Well-Being Look Like?

I know this may seem like a silly question, but in all honesty, there was a good, long period of my life when I really didn’t have a clear understanding of what it meant to truly be well.

See, for me, both before and after receiving my education in the field of health and fitness, I was under the impression that true health and wellness had to do with certain things like:

  • Percentage of body fat/ body composition
  • Body weight
  • Athletic ability and performance
  • Physical strength
  • Sound nutrition
  • Normal lab test results

And you know what? They all do have to do with overall well-being.

However, as far as I’m concerned, they only offer a part of the picture as opposed to the entirety of truly being well.


It has dawned on me that with the amount of health and fitness programs, products and other forms of information out there, humans, generally speaking, still seem to lack what is required to live a genuinely healthy life.

The reason, as far as I’m concerned, has to do with a few things.

  1. Lack of day to day inspiration and expression of creativity.
  2. Confusion between the image of health and fitness and simply being healthy and fit.
  3. Lack of true self-awareness and self- acceptance/ love/ expression.
  4. Living a life that consists of thinking, feeling and therefore, acting in one’s best interest AND the best interest of the environment – the ALL.
  5. Being on purpose.

Now can an individual reap the benefits of a typical health and fitness program without those components?

Sure. If health and fitness, in and of itself, is the only goal – then yes, absolutely.

But is that the only goal that will serve your best interests in all ways?

I’m not convinced that it will.

Here’s why.

If you take a good, hard look at the world today, you’ll see the effects that our way of processing information, and therefore, responding (or more accurately, reacting) to such information has led the majority of the population in a direction that has resulted in an increase in stress, illness, disease and overall misery.

I mean, let’s face it…the world is literally at war – with everything and everyone in it.

And when we aren’t attacking one another for some reason or another, we’re attacking ourselves – based on feelings of insecurity, inferiority and lack of self-worth.

Now if diet, exercise, superb physical performance and ability, wearing skinny jeans and even improved cognitive function all wrapped up in a package otherwise known as “health and fitness” was the solution to this pickle that Humanity seems to find itself in…then we’d be experiencing peace on Earth.

But…that doesn’t seem to be the case now does it?


This is because we’re still missing something. And as far as I’m concerned, that something is an awareness of what genuine well-being is all about.

What Well-Being REALLY Is

True well-being is all-encompassing.

It has to do with:

  • Genuine self-awareness and acceptance.
  • The desire for the good of ALL to be experienced.
  • A life lived in truth and honor.
  • Being at peace within oneself.
  • Living intentionally as opposed to following the unquestioned suggestions made by society.
  • Finding your light and expressing it in creative ways that benefit everything in the environment, including yourself.
  • Eating healthy foods because they contain nutrients that provide your body with everything it needs to function through the information that clean foods grown and produced with integrity contain.
  • And using physical activity to express your passion and get you through your daily tasks in a way that enables productivity and promotes healthy function of all systems within the body.

While I happen to love and respect the health and fitness industry, I feel it’s important to recognize that in order to truly reap the benefits it has to offer, one must understand that wellness involves not only the physical components of life, but the mental, emotional and psychological elements of awareness, intention and a connection to Spirit.

When these all work together in harmony, well-being becomes inevitable.

This is when you don’t USE health and fitness to live a healthy life but instead, being healthy and fit happens naturally as you go on about your days with your head held high, your heart open and your actions stemming from a place that involves morals, ethics and honor.

That, my friends, is how to use The Law of Cause and Effect in your favor, and in favor of the world in general.

Make sense?

What are your thoughts about what well-being really looks like?

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Does Health and Fitness Have to Be All or Nothing?

FF Popsugar image

I’m gonna be candid here…

The truth is, I don’t always feel like working out.

In fact, sometimes I’m not in the mood for the healthy foods and instead, I go for the “bad” stuff.

So the question is…

Is this a problem? Do these choices hinder my ability to live a life that consists of well-being?

Personally, I don’t think so.

But I’ll delve a bit further into the subject in this post.

Does Health and Fitness Have to Be All or Nothing?

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed there seem to be a couple different types of people when it comes to health and fitness.

I’ve been acquainted with those who are naturally passionate about exercise and work out consistently…and those who aren’t – and don’t.

There are also individuals who follow a strict nutrition program  on a regular basis; while there are others who, regardless of how often they try, seemingly cannot turn their backs on their favorite foods – even if it costs them a better quality of life.

I have also met people who bounce back and forth between the two extremes. It seems that they are either on an all or nothing kick.

Now I happen to have first hand experience with this because I have visited both sides of this coin several times in my life and while during each and every “all” phase of the pattern, I had thought I had finally connected with the process in a way that would keep me from losing interest.

However, and without fail, I would discover that sometime later on…that “nothing” phase was right around the corner.


And if you have found yourself in this cycle more times than not, then I’m sure you can relate.

The truth is, when we’re in the “all” phase of the health and fitness cycle, we’re in it 100%.

But when we find ourselves in the “nothing” phase, it’s game over until that passion returns – sometimes showing up in the form of pain and frustration, if it shows back up at all.

So the question is…

Does it have to be one way OR the other?

Is there such a thing as a happy medium?

I say there is.

It becomes a viable option when the focus shifts from health and fitness to overall well-being.

Finding Balance In Wellness

Because I have bounced back and forth between the two extremes when to came to my own health and fitness/ weight loss programs in the past, I know how frustrating it is to be in the “nothing” phase after feeling so pumped up and motivated during the “all” phase – and experiencing the benefits.

And since this was a pattern that repeated itself through most of my life, I had to look for the path of least resistance, which to me, meant finding a happy medium.

When it comes to health and fitness, the BEST way to find long lasting results is to discover what works best for YOU and then allow creativity to flow from there.

In my case, this meant making overall well-being my goal instead of “being this way or that”.

So how do you establish a happy medium in regard to wellness?

By finding the path of least resistance.

Here are a few key ideas:

  1. When it comes to physical activity, find what you either like to do naturally, or want to learn from a place of eager anticipation for the knowledge.
  2. Allow yourself to open up to new foods, especially healthy ones and seek to add them into your diet as often as possible.
  3. Make a list of the foods you know you shouldn’t indulge in very often and decide a time, place and occasion for them. This way, you use them and they don’t “own” you.
  4. Use judgement as a tool for self-discovery of how you feel about what you’re experiencing, but don’t BE judgmental toward yourself. If you allow your emotions to speak to you about the way you take care of yourself and then take inspired action from there, you’ll voluntarily look for ways in which well-being will work for you. If you are judgmental, however, you will live in a state of constant disapproval of self and it will drive you to make unrealistic choices that won’t last because they are coming from inner-turmoil.

The idea is to listen to your own inner-voice, dissect what it’s telling you, decide what you want and how you’re most likely to get there based on your own tastes, abilities and natural desires.

My Own Example

As I had mentioned earlier, I spent a good portion of my life bouncing back and forth between two extremes when it came to my health and fitness programs.

I know many others who operate the same way, and it always resulted in frustration.

But once I realized that wellness doesn’t mean “all or nothing” but instead, includes enjoying the process of simply living a life that involves being conscious about the way I take care of myself, I was able to find a happy medium because I was no longer in resistance to my desires.

Finding that path of least resistance encouraged me to decide when it was appropriate to eat something “sinful” at the right time and place. But because it was no longer taboo, it lost its hold over me and no longer owned me. I now prefer healthy foods naturally – which is a much easier way to practice sound nutrition.

The same applies for exercise. Instead of constantly following a strict regimen of certain sets and reps, I decide what I feel like doing for the day and connect to the process – again, naturally.

My goal no longer has anything to do with the image of health and fitness, but instead, has everything to do with simply being healthy, fit and balanced.

I quit bouncing back and forth between two extremes…and this has made well-being an easy, natural and consistent way of life for me.

And if you have found yourself struggling between the two extremes, never finding a long lasting wellness program to work for you, then perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate whether or not the “all or nothing” way has merit for your particular needs.

Have you considered finding your own happy medium with health and fitness?

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Ask Dana – Exercises for Problem Areas and Best Workout for Weight Loss

FF Ask D

It’s time to answer reader’s questions again.

And before I do, I just figured I’d mention that I’m thrilled that you guys are sending them in!

Today’s questions have to do with exercising for problem areas and what would serve to be the best workout for weight loss.

So without further ado, let’s get to it.

Ask Dana – Exercises for Problem Areas and Best Workout for Weight Loss

Question 1 – 

“What are some keys moves to lose stomach and thigh weight? Those two areas are my only problems.”

Answer –

Let me start off by saying that I can completely understand how frustrating it is to deal with problem areas.

I also want to add a question to your question by asking…do you still have overall weight to lose? Or did you mean that you’re looking for exercises to help tone those areas?

Or both?

The reason I ask is this –

If you still have weight to lose in general, then those areas will slim down naturally as the rest of your weight comes off. If there had been a lot of weight to lose to begin with, there may be some loose skin issues that can be confused for fat mass.

If, however, you are already at a weight you’re satisfied with and are looking to tone those areas, that’s a different story.

Unfortunately, you can’t spot train fat away.

Meaning, you can work the areas in question and build muscle, however, if there is still fat to be lost, that will have to come off through a combination of healthy eating, a complete health and fitness program and stress management.

None the less, it still doesn’t hurt to do specific exercises that will target those areas to help build and tone muscle.

You can’t turn fat into muscle (although you can lose fat and build muscle – which is different), but you can change the way you wear your fat/ skin.

This will give the area a different, more flattering appearance.

So to give you something to follow along with, I’ll share a couple of workout ideas you can add to your program.

The following video is a 10 minute inner-thigh workout that also incorporates some core work into the routine.

It’s a higher intensity workout and involves some plyometric moves – so if you’re a beginner, or if you have knee/ hip and/or ankle issues, I would encourage you to do the modified version without any jumping.

This is an EXCELLENT inner-thigh move that you can do that will also target the rest of the lower body.

And here’s something you can do to build complete core strength since it brings the obliques and lower back into the mix – which will not only help to build muscle, but it will do so in a safe, balanced and structured way.

There are three progressions to this, so follow as directed.

If you don’t have resistance bands, I highly recommend purchasing a set. You can check out this post for more info.

I hope this helps. If it does, feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

Question 2 – 

“What sort of training should I do if I just want to lose weight? Cardio, strength, or both – and exactly what exercises are going to achieve the fastest results?”

Answer –

Both of them will result in weight loss.

You want a well-rounded program to not only help you develop efficient cardiovascular function, but you also want to include strength training to build muscle tissue and provide functional improvements and increased flexibility.

My suggestion for you is to include a wide variety of different workouts to your program to diversify the benefits, not just for weight loss, but for overall well-being for a lifetime.

You can incorporate a strength training session 2-3 times per week and follow the workout with some cardio, or do the cardio separately on different days to mix things up a bit.

You can also add some activities in like yoga, pilates or a martial arts class to keep your body guessing and provide a challenge.

To answer your question about which method would work the quickest…

This is my take:

Start slow if you’re a beginner or if you have taken a hiatus. Progress yourself as you naturally develop the ability to work at a higher level of intensity through implementing a consistent program.

Incorporate things like intervals and work large muscle groups (chest/ back/ legs/ glutes) often as this burns a lot of additional calories…and do multi-muscle group exercises (ex. squat/ curl/ press combo) for the same reason.

My other suggestion is to re-examine your need to be in a hurry to see the results.

Here’s why…

While I am well aware that we are a results oriented population of people due to the fact that instant gratification is heavily marketed to the masses, the truth is…if it took a little while to gain the weight, then to do this the right way, it may take a little while to lose it.

The body needs to undergo physiological changes for transformation to happen. This occurs when we develop additional energy systems to distribute oxygen to working tissues and recruiting muscle fibers to grow bigger (see muscle hypertrophy) in an effort to help with the new demands of weight bearing activities to be met.

Rest is also an important factor in the entire process and cannot be skipped or overlooked.

So in essence, trying to lose weight quickly isn’t necessarily in your best interests if you’re looking for long term results.

And long term results are the results that will free you of this need to lose weight for the rest of your life if you play your cards right.

So with all of that being said, I hope this helps.

Just develop a well-rounded program, stick with it, eat right, get rest and know that the results will happen.

Send In Your Questions

While I’d like to think that the ones who sent these questions in will find the answers they were looking for, it’s my hope that the rest of you have also found helpful information here in regard to your own health and fitness programming.

So with this in mind, I encouraging you to send yours in as well.

You never know who else might find insight by you submitting your question – as everyone can learn something new or develop an additional perspective.

Is there something in specific you want to know?

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