3 Health and Fitness Professionals You Need to Know About

By on March 16, 2015

We see them everywhere…

I’m referring to the stories, products and services of mainstream health and fitness celebrities.

They appear on television, in magazines and just about everywhere else.

And before I continue, let me just say that I’m not knocking any of them in any way.

That’s just not how I roll.

However, in light of this, I do feel it’s important to point out that there are some amazing people out there who offer a tremendous amount of value to the fitness industry that don’t receive the same amount of publicity as the aforementioned individuals do.

For this reason, I feel it’s my job to bring awareness to a few people I am confident you’ll benefit from knowing a little more about.

The following health and fitness professionals stand out to me because of their level of care, credibility and professionalism in the industry.

3 Health and Fitness Professionals You Need to Know About

1 – Juan Carlos Santana, MEd, CSCS

Juan Carlos Santana is the CEO and founder of The Institute of Human Performance (IHP) in Boca Raton, Florida. He is often referred to as “the country’s leading practitioner of functional fitness”.

JC has simply raised the bar in the fitness industry. Some of his (extensive) credentials include serving as Chairman of the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) Sport Specific Conference, the NSCA Florida State Director and as a member of the NSCA Conference Committee.

Now while most (if any) of you probably don’t reside in Fl and may not have an opportunity to visit JC and his staff over at IHP, you can still benefit from knowing who he is, what he has brought to the fitness industry and his educational materials – in addition to learning about some of his fitness equipment (one example being the JC Predator bands featured in this post).

Now I happen to know JC personally because as a graduate of Fitness Institute International, I was lucky enough to take his Functional Training Specialist Course since it was part of the school’s curriculum. Simply put, this was a hands on course that instructed fitness professionals about functional training methods to improve the everyday movements and mobility of the clients who worked with them.

Besides being a prolific speaker, author and coach, JC has developed extensive training programs for professional athletes, youths and seniors in addition to general populations and people in need of rehabilitation.

JC has a Youtube channel where he shares a wealth of information, including educational material for fitness professionals, exercise videos designed to target specific needs, and footage of some of the professional athletes who train at his facility.

He’s been featured in several well-known magazines including Men’s Health, Women’s Fitness, Muscle and Fitness, and more. In fact, IHP was recently featured in Self Magazine’s recent article titled “Best Of the Best: Top Gyms in the Nation”.

Whether you’re a fitness professional, exercise enthusiast or someone who simply wants to learn more about the immense benefits of functional training from the man who is considered one of the top “go to” professionals in the industry, visit ihpfitness.com and check out the Facebook page.

And if you’ve ever thought about taking your passion for health and fitness and turning it into a career, I would recommend checking out the IHP University program. It’s a hands on educational experience where you’ll interact with and learn from some of the best in the field.

Here’s a quick teaser to give you some insight on what it’s all about.

2 – Rick Kaselj, MS

I have to be honest and admit that I don’t recall how I became familiar with Rick Kaselj’s work. None the less, I’m happy I did because I feel that what he has to share is valuable for anyone regardless of how long they have been exercising, or instructing.

Rick’s website is Exercisesforinjuries.com – and yep, the title is an accurate description of the type of material he has to share. He has a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and following graduation, he focused on exercise and injuries.

Several years later, he decided to further his education and earn his master’s degree in science with a focus on rehabilitation and corrective exercise in an effort to address muscular imbalances in order to prevent and rehabilitate injuries.

While we all understand that health and fitness offers plenty of benefits, the truth is that injuries do happen.

And since I have written a book dedicated to the subject of helping to make those of you who do engage in an exercise program avoid unnecessary injuries during your workouts, Rick’s work not only harmonizes well with the preventative aspect of this, but also addresses the corrective measures to implement after an injury has already taken place.

Rick has a Youtube channel filled with exercise demonstrations as well as a free newsletter that goes out to his subscribers covering a wide variety of topics including exercises for injuries, general health and fitness information and workout ideas. You can also visit his Facebook page where he reads some of the comments left by those with specific questions about injuries and makes videos addressing them.

Pretty cool, right?

I recommend checking out his work by browsing through his videos and visiting his website. In fact, while you’re there, you can type in a specific issue you’re having in the search bar and you’ll discover a list of material from his website designed to target that particular problem.

Since I’m aware that many of you spend a good part of the day sitting, I’ll share a video where you’ll learn some simple stretches you can do while at work to help alleviate rounded shoulder syndrome.

3 – Jeffery Segal, BS, NSCA-CPT, CSCS*D, CPTS*D

Like JC, I am proud to say that I personally know Jeff.

He is a kind, well-educated and dedicated fitness professional with a rather inspiring story to share.

At 25, Jeff was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Having been told he would spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, he decided he had other ideas.

Jeff enrolled in Fitness Institute International, Inc. Personal Training School in Boca Raton, Fl, and earned his Certified Personal Training Specialist (CPTS) certification. After that, he went on to further his education in the fitness industry by becoming an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), as well as an NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT) by the National Strength and Conditioning Association Certification Commission and eventually became the recipient of the Personal Trainer of the Year award from both the NSCA and Fitness Institute.

When he isn’t working with clients, Jeff spends his time traveling throughout the states giving motivational lectures to people living with MS.

He’s in great shape, and has inspired those living with this disease to seek well-being as a means to a happy and healthy life.

He serves as a living example to those who listen to his words and follow his guidance.

While Jeff doesn’t have a Youtube channel, he is featured in several videos through the MSFtaff channel. I went ahead and did a specific search for Jeff, and I’m sharing the results of that search here to make it easier for you to find his work.

I will, however, share a quick, but important tip from him in regard to how heat affects people with MS and why planning ahead is the right thing to do.

You can also visit Jeff’s website by visiting Balancedpersonaltraining.com. If you or anyone you know has MS, I encourage you to connect with him and follow his work.

Why I’m Sharing This Information with You

The reason I decided to write this post is because as far as I’m concerned, it’s my responsibility to bring awareness to certain people that I feel have contributed something valuable to the wellness industry.

There are many others out there that I know you would benefit from learning about, and because of this, I intend to do a follow up post with a few additional people who I may have left out this time.

A good fitness professional can offer many benefits – and I’m certain you’ll enjoy learning about the ones discussed here today.

So check out their websites, watch their videos and follow their work. You’ll be glad you did.

Do you know of any well-qualified and exceptional fitness professionals you’d like to tell me about for the follow up post?

Image credit courtesy of ihpfitness.com

About Dana Gore

Author of the book A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety (What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You), Dana Gore completed the curriculum at Fitness Institute International, Inc. as an outstanding graduate in 2009.


  1. Bill Kyser

    March 16, 2015 at 9:47 am

    Dana Gore is in a unique position to identify and comment on some of the icons of the personal training industry, as she has identified the critical need for those about to engage in an exercise regimen to first become aware of what NOT to do, and the trainers she highlights have been sharing their ability to train safely with their clients for decades, and they deserve recognition for their efforts. Moreover, because most people get their “how to” information from the latest issue of the slickest magazine they can find that promises them “a new body in only 21 days”, trainers have been fighting an uphill battle since our first client, so Dana’s book has been a godsend to anyone who wants to get fit and healthy the safe way, which is always the right way.
    I’ve been wanting to comment about her groundbreaking book since I first read it over a year ago, and this is a perfect time to thank her for providing us trainers and our clients with one of the best tools to help our clients start right–Exercise Safety–What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You!
    Thanks Dana!
    Bill Kyser, Trainer since 1982

    • Dana Gore

      March 16, 2015 at 10:17 am

      Hey Bill,

      WOW, and here, this post is about some of the best of the best – and you left such a wonderful comment about me. Thank-you so much for that.

      Actually, you deserve to be highlighted as well, as I know you to be one of the most dedicated, caring and innovative fitness professionals around just like the three mentioned here. Perhaps I really do need to create a follow up post.

      It’s tough when the media pretty much controls what everyone sees. I feel it’s up to people like me, working from something of a grassroots position to bring awareness to those who stand out due to character and integrity. This is why I love what I do…and why I enjoy being in a position to provide attention to those who truly benefit the public.

      Thanks again for the kind words, and the comment Bill.

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