5 Myths Killing Your Fat Loss Progress

By on December 6, 2016

Actually, there remains a great deal of mistakes related to physical condition. It makes lots of exercisers confused. In case you are applying some workouts to keep fit, this article must be your greatest source of reference.

Myth 1- Your Physical Health Likely Reduce

Many exercisers keep anxiety whether their physical health can reduce or not when taking part in a dietary. Also, most believe consuming less energy also means that your physical health negatively declines.

When you do the 1RM in weight training, it is definitely undesirable to lose physical power.

Carb must be your best keyword. Most exercisers initially going on a diet desire to get rid of carbohydrates.


Such an act can likely make you reduce fat rapidly. However, it also eliminates your physical abilities. In reality, carbohydrate is the most important substance supporting your daily activities and practicing process. In case you want to maintain your physical power, absorbing carbohydrates with the proper quantity always brings the best results.

Many dieticians advice that if reducing weight is your main target, it is necessary for you to do exercises more frequently and consume less carbohydrate. The more effort you contribute to practicing process, the less strength you have to give up for losing weight. In addition to, it can completely support your muscular system.

Useful tips:

  1.  Maintain the proper quantity of carbohydrates in order to prevent your strength from reducing.
  2.  Keep your training process constant at the level of 8 to 10 1RM. Maximizing this number is definitely not desirable.
  3.  Remember what your target is. There is no need to keep anxiety that you cannot always reach the best rep maxes. Just getting leaner is your final desire.

Myth 2- Fresh and Safe Cuisines Are Always Better

Many Hindus believe that the most useful tip for losing weight is using fresh ingredients or the ones which do not contain much glucose.


However always absorbing green food cannot become a perfect choice for getting leaner. Also, keeping away from other substances or familiar cuisines is useless. Keep in mind that energy is the main reason causing the decrease of your weight. Actually, just using safe ingredients cannot assist your fat loss to occur more quickly in case of absorbing too much energy.

Useful tips:

  1. Get rid of 250 to 500 cals in your daily meals.
  2. Follow the menus which contain various substances. Also, you should remove any anxiety about the ordinary dishes containing a few bad comments from your friend.
  3. Eat anything you like in regard of suiting your plan for diminishing calories.

Myth 3- You Have to Diet For A Set Amount of Time

The training process which just happens within a short time can satisfy you a lot. In this situation, you are likely the first person feeling like this. It does not mean that stopping your physical exercises soon is a silly act. In contrast, finishing your practice immediately when reaching your own target can be a good idea.

Definitely, many ways is effective to lose weight apart from dietary. Therefore, going on a diet is just a small thing you can do within a certain period of your plan for keeping fit. Make your own plan, apply this and stop when successfully reaching your target.

Useful tips:

  1. It is possible for you to follow your dietary until reaching your goal.
  2. In case you already stop your process, you should absorb more energy or food in order to keep your fat constant.
  3. Moreover, maintaining your plan within a long time as you cannot reach your main target brings no positive results. Occasionally, you can only spend maximally 12 weeks on your dietary.

Myth 4- You Have To Use a Treadmill for Getting Leaner

In reality, running machine may be an effective device to support your training process. However, you can use more tools for burning calories. If you don’t have time to go to gym and not interested in running outdoor, the best at home rowing machine will be a great solution. You can sneak your mean time to exercise and then come back work straight away or anything else.


There is no doubt about its functions. However, you can do more effective activities except running on a treadmill for getting leaner. For example, you can follow much strength exercises which in order to burn energy.

Useful tips:

  1. It is not compulsory to use the treadmill for keeping fit. You had better take removing calories into consideration first.
  2. You can apply this tool in your training process. However, following the other practices certainly brings the better results. They can maintain your muscles when going on a diet.
  3. Do not ignore your nutrient meals while using this running machine.

Myth 5- Consuming Some Certain Nutrients can Make You Full All Day

It is not true that consuming these special dishes can assist you to be full within a long time. This may likely lead to a lot of harmful effects. In fact, it is usual for the ones going on diet to feel hungry. Therefore, absorbing less energy must be an inevitable factor to get leaner.


Actually, cuisines which make you full all times during your dietary can only appear in your imagination. Although you can use low-carb meals with fresh products, clean vegetables, etc. feeling hungry is the one you cannot avoid.

It can be a useful signal to realize you are applying the right dietary or not. Actually, you have to experience this feeling even much severely within the first times of your dietary. But it can gradually decrease in level week after week.

Keep in mind that hunger cannot cause any seriously negative effects. It is so usual that you need to be familiar with.

Useful tips:

  1. Feeling hungry is usual
  2. Consuming low-carb substances aims at both absorbing less energies and reducing the hungry feelings.
  3. Take its advantage for checking whether you are following the right dietary or not.

Wrap Up

Your dietary only brings the best results when you keep away from all mistakes above. Keep in mind that this process contains many difficulties and you have to follow within a large amount of time.

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