6 Best Pregnancy Exercises To Keep Yourself In Shape During Pregnancy

By on October 29, 2015

The most important thing for a woman is to maintain their shape during pregnancy. Keeping fit, however, does not entail spending a lot of time and energy on sophisticated GYM machines. There are simple pregnancy exercises that can help a pregnant mother retain their shape during pregnancy. These exercises are necessary as they prepare the mother for the delivery. They contribute to reducing the backache pains and help to maintain the muscles in god shape. Better still is that they assist in gaining and building enough energy that is necessary for delivery. Exercising also helps expectant mothers to feel more comfortable. It is, however, important to be keen to have exercises that cannot harm your pregnancy.


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Walking is the safest and most efficient kind of exercise for any period of the pregnancy. Sometimes most expectant mothers are involved in the exercise even without their knowledge. When you take the stairs, run errands and take a stroll around the compound you could be doing a lot of good for your pregnancy. It is wise to walk to the shop and other places rather than taking a bus or driving as this helps the heart to work out. It also does not have the risk of jarring ankles and knees. Having at least thirty minutes of a walk every day for five days a week is commendable. Since walking is easy and can take place anywhere, it is the most common pregnancy exercise. Make it your daily routine and you will enjoy your pregnancy period.

Weight Lifting

If you have been weight lifting for your routine body exercise, then you do not need to stop because you are pregnant. It is, however, important to keep to light weights that will help strengthen and tone your muscles. Avoid weight that will make you train and overheat. As your pregnancy progresses, you should be keen to wind down.


Pilates is an important exercise for the pelvic and tummy muscles. You should have a Pilates teacher that will guide you on the correct postures and how to hold your body. This exercise will also enhance the breathing system that is very vital during pregnancy. The various positions and movements that you work on during the exercise are helpful for core muscles of the body that tend to weaken during pregnancy. It will help and support them get stronger as it does not strain the muscles. The mothers also learn how to time their breathing system and know when to relax.


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Yoga is important in helping retain a good posture for a pregnancy. It also helps to tone the muscles and enhance flexibility. It is not vigorous activity and thus is gentle to the joints and does not have increase chances for falling risks. Yoga exercises will involve a bit of stretching that is important for the opening of the extending of the body. Yoga will also help keep the supple when it takes place in the correct way. To get it right, I recommend expectant mothers to go to a Yoga class rather than watching and copying a DVD. Also, be keen to look for a qualified tutor.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic floor exercises are important especially for mothers who have weak pelvic floor muscles. They will tend to leak some wee during training, or they go on with their regular chores. Pelvic floor exercises are necessary. They also make it very easy for mothers to go back to states that they were in before the pregnancy. Remember that it can be very embarrassing to leak and, therefore, it is good to take a step and save you the agony by just carrying out some simple exercises.


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As your bump gets bigger due to pregnancy, swimming becomes more enjoyable. You will not just enjoy being in the water, but it will have numerous positive impacts on your pregnancy shape. As you swim, you will exercise your legs and arms and this will in return work out your lungs and heart. Swimming is not very demanding and is gentle on your joints and does not pause any threat of joint injuries. Water aerobics is also important as it helps improve your posture and eases back pains. Swimming also enhances blood circulation to the legs helping reduce the problem of leg swelling.


It is clear that exercising is vital for expectant mothers. It has got a wide range of benefits. It is also essential to note and consider that it may be harmful to your pregnancy at times. Exercises can be harmful when you do not have the right ones, or you overdo them. The body size, age and health condition should complement the nature of exercises for an expectant mother. Also, remember that not all exercises are suitable for the last months of the pregnancy. It is also wise to avoid doing exercises that risk you falling, slipping or hitting your bump.






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