How Can I Benefit From Using Resistance Bands?

By on April 1, 2014

I have to tell you…
exercise bands

Resistance bands are one of my favorite pieces of exercise equipment.

They are not only beneficial for many reasons, but they’re user friendly for people of all fitness levels.

And if you’ve been following any of my work on this site – then you’ll know that I find it to be of utmost importance to discover joy in the process of this whole health and fitness thing.

Because if you don’t – it’ll be nothing more than grueling and unpleasant work…and you’ll end up quitting.

We don’t want this.

We want to stay in alignment with this process called well-being because it’s one of the keys to overall happiness.

So today, I’m going to cover the benefits of using resistance bands and the different options available while sharing a couple of videos to give you some ideas of how to best work with them.

This is meant to inspire you to try something new if you haven’t already!

The Benefits of Using Resistance Bands

When giving thought to what type of exercise equipment to purchase – there are a few things to consider – such as:

  • Can I afford this?
  • Will it be easy to store away?
  • Is it portable?
  • Will I get my money’s worth?
  • Can I get a good variety of exercises?
  • Is this safe?

The good news is that when it comes to using resistance bands – the answer to ALL of the above questions is YES.


Resistance bands are pretty affordable. This is a good thing – as I know how expensive fitness equipment can run.

They can range anywhere from around $10 – $50 depending on quality and function.

Now while I know it may be tempting to go for the cheaper options…I would suggest doing some research when it comes to making a decision – such as reading reviews online…as people usually don’t hold back when it comes to expressing their opinions about their purchases.

The reason I highly recommend doing this is because you usually get what you pay for…so if you go cheap, you’ll probably get cheap – as the materials used in these products aren’t all alike.

But even if you go for the more expensive product ($50 can get you a set of JC Predator Bands which are high quality and interchangeable in regard to resistance) – spending this in an effort to get great piece of equipment that will give you a fantastic full body workout would still be cost efficient.

Here’s a video demonstrating how easy it is to use these bands while changing the resistance mid workout.

Easy to Store

Resistance bands are very easy to store. They can fit into a drawer, hang on a wall hook and even fit underneath the sofa.

One thing I will add though is it’s best to refrain from keeping them in the sun or storing them in humid temperatures – as this can weaken the material.

Otherwise, keeping them out of the way and out of site is effortless.


If you’re looking to take your bands out with you to the park, to work…or anywhere else – you won’t have any problems doing so.

Resistance bands are lightweight and easy to carry around. And since they take up very little room – they won’t inhibit you from anything else you need to do while you have them with you.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

When it comes to exercise equipment (or anything else in life) – I’m sure we can all agree that it’s always good to have something that can give you the best bang for your buck.

Resistance bands fit nicely into this category because of the variety of different exercises you can do using this one piece of equipment. I personally recommend getting a set that comes with a handle (as demonstrated in the above video) so you can attach them to a door, a pole or something similar as this will increase the amount of exercises you can do with them.

Now just as the above video demonstrated several exercises you can do using the predator bands, I’m including another video that will show you some fantastic core exercises using the JC Sport Bands (no interchangeable resistance – but very effective and affordable).

The bands are being used from a variety of different positions – allowing you to see additional options when it comes to where you can place the bands and how to use different muscle groups while getting a wide range of motion in each exercise.

And I’ll mention that both the Predator and Sport bands come in sizes ideal for travel as well.

Variety of Exercises

If you happened to watch the videos before getting to this paragraph, then by now you will have a good idea of the amount of exercises you can do using resistance bands.

I will also mention that they do come in a variety of different strengths – so whether you’re using the predator bands which can be altered in just the one piece of equipment, or simply having a few single bands around differing in resistance – you can easily mix things up and challenge yourself.

As the first video demonstrated – you can do combination exercises by working both the upper and lower body at the same time (the lunge/press combo) and you can do single joint exercises as well (the tricep extension)…while the second video demonstrated the variety of core exercises available.


Personally, I wouldn’t recommend anything to anyone if I didn’t feel it would be safe to use.

Safety ALWAYS comes first!

Now while resistance bands are safe in and of themselves – it’s the quality and condition of them that are important to be mindful of and could contribute to factors that would make them unsafe.

As mentioned above – you want to make sure you keep your bands out of the sun and out of extreme weather conditions in general (humidity, rainy weather, etc) – and you also want to check them regularly to make sure the material isn’t becoming frayed or weak.

If you start to see any changes in the bands or even if they just look as if they’re becoming worn out – your best bet is to just go ahead and replace them…which isn’t tough to do since as we’ve already discovered – they’re affordable.

See – You CAN Benefit From Resistance Bands

I’ve given several examples of how you can benefit from using resistance bands. The fact that they come in multiple strengths and are affordable makes it easy enough to challenge yourself without the need to do anything complicated.

I personally LOVE to use them and I never get bored!

And this is important because when we want something for ourselves, we need to find a level of pleasure in the process.

Human beings are wired to avoid pain – so if your exercise routine represents something that makes you cringe – you’ll find every excuse available (and even make up a few new ones) to skip your workout.

And we don’t want that now do we?

So tell us – have you used resistance bands? If so, which one(s) do you use and how do you like them?

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Author of the book A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety (What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You), Dana Gore completed the curriculum at Fitness Institute International, Inc. as an outstanding graduate in 2009.


  1. Dian

    April 3, 2014 at 4:45 am

    Can anybody tell me any exercises to do for disabled? I have cerebral palsy. No upper body strength, arms two different lengths, one arm does not straighten. Legs two different lengths. Scoliosis. Spondylosis. I fall a lot. Have rolls of fat, batwing arms, am morbidly obese. Poor immune system. Cannot walk far, ride a bike, no gym or pool where I am. Do not like the situation I am in. Any help appreciated. Oh, I live on $700.00/month for everything

    • Dana Gore

      April 3, 2014 at 6:38 am

      Hi Dian,

      Great question(s)!
      Now I have one…if you don’t have a pool where you live, do you have access to a public one?

      You can do seated workouts using very little resistance…just enough to help you build strength…and resistance bands can be used for this.
      And as far as walking, if you can’t go very far – then I would recommend walking whatever distance you can as often as you can.
      All that is necessary is that you do SOMETHING – more than you do now…and the key is to make it enjoyable.
      So if you can only walk for 5 mins…then walk for 5 mins a few times per day and listen to something that makes you happy while you do it.

      I took the liberty of gathering a couple of websites for you to use as reference.
      And here’s a video with a few stretching exercises for CP.

      I would also recommend making sure you stay hydrated and follow healthy eating habits. I know it sounds cliche’ and obvious…but the best way to approach this is to mentally and emotionally be in a place of desiring overall well-being.

      And if you happen to want some additional inspiration as far as what humans are capable of doing in the presence of limitation(s)…I LOVE this video.

      Please let me know if any of this has worked.
      Thanks for your comment and best of luck!

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