Can Weight Training Help with Blood Pressure?

By on November 20, 2017

There are a number of treatment possibilities for high blood pressure. Besides medication and a healthy diet, you can also exercise, which, honestly, is the best way to deal with this problem. If you have high blood pressure, it probably has something to do with your physical fitness. If you don’t get enough exercise and you are overweight, then high blood pressure will continue to be a problem for you, no matter what dieting or medicating you do. You simply won’t be dealing with the root problem until you start exercising.

Many health professionals will recommend that you do cardio to treat your high blood pressure levels. Running, swimming and other heart-pumping exercises are usually what is  recommended to get your body into better shape. What is often overlooked, however, are the benefits of weightlifting and weight training. That’s simply something that most health professionals are not going to bother to recommend for treating high blood pressure, but new research into weight training and its effects on this medical condition have shown some promising results.

Recently, a study was conducted on middle-aged men with hypertension (high blood pressure). Some of the group were asked to perform weight training three times a week. They did leg curls, chest presses, biceps curls, lat pull downs, leg presses and triceps extensions. They would work out, doing a full 12 reps of one exercise, then take a one-minute break and go on to the next one. They did three sets of twelve for each exercise over the course of a few weeks.

These were compared to men with similar high blood pressure problems and at a similar age who performed aerobic workouts, as well as men who cut back their sodium intake and men who lost weight. So, that makes four groups of men, each one doing different things to try to reduce their high blood pressure.

Now, it may seem counter intuitive to use weight training to reduce blood pressure, since the act of weight training increases blood pressure temporarily. However, what the study found was that the men who did the weight training three times a week had greater or similar blood pressure drops than the rest of the men. This study concluded that doing weight training to reduce blood pressure is just as effective as other measures and sometimes more effective.

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