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By on February 23, 2017

People know that they need to practice good nutrition and exercise, especially if they are interested in weight loss. But, it can feel impossible to schedule time to work out. And, when you do, the results aren’t immediate, which can make you feel like you made time for nothing. When you get into this head space, it can be really easy to lose your motivation.

And, the tricks that you might use to keep you on track with a healthy eating routine, like keeping a food journal, aren’t necessarily going to help you build the motivation you need for regular exercise and fitness. But, the following tactics should help keep you driven and enthused to work out.  

Shift Your Thinking

When you think of yourself as a couch potato, you behave as a couch potato would. It’s time to change your perspective and begin thinking like and athlete, and it isn’t as big of a jump as you might imagine.

For example, it’s really easy to justify your lack of fitness because you live a busy, full life. But, when you start believing exercise is a way to set a strong, healthy example for your children, you change your behavior. Instead of thinking of fitness as another thing that is taking time from your family, think of the impact seeing your commitment will have on your kids and their health. In time, workouts that take place at odd hours won’t feel like a sacrifice; they will feel like a blessing.

Look around you for inspiration, even from people who aren’t able to be physically active. It will remind you of how lucky you are to be able to commit to fitness.

Have a Goal

It’s pretty common for people in the early stages of a fitness journey to set a goal like a future 5K. In fact, some people recommend signing up before you even start working out so that you feel like you have a reason to. By registering early, you commit yourself to a fitness regimen that will get you in tiptop shape by race day.

Be sure that the goals you set are achievable and realistic. As you get closer to achieving them, you will see other areas of your life improving as well.  A good goal will allow you to adapt your life to meet it. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and loss of motivation.

And, the goal doesn’t have to be a formal race. You can pick an item of clothing you want to fit back into, and active vacation you want to enjoy, or a special event at which you want to look your best.

Schedule Your Time to Exercise

People who commit to fitness and follow through aren’t addicted to it. They aren’t compelled to exercise like a meth addict is compelled to use. No. Instead, these people develop a routine. They take an hour each day, preferably at the same time, to be good to their bodies. Just like meth addiction treatment programs that are intensive and comprehensive are most successful.

When people do this with regularity, they are often surprised by the boost it adds to their day. If you simply plan to fit in a workout at some future time, like when you finish reading, or put the kids to bed, or clean up after dinner, you won’t follow through. You must set a time, place it in your weekly plan, and do whatever you need to do to make it happen, as you would with any other appointment.

Fitness doesn’t have to be impossible. You have the power within you to succeed.

Bio: John Richards is a personal trainer, outdoor sports enthusiast, parent, and writer. He helps his clients reach their potential via an empowering approach to fitness that relies heavily on strength training.


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