How To Maintain A Healthy Athletic Lifestyle

By on May 8, 2016

Have you ever had a hard time trying to understand the advice given online (like me), to make that long wanted change, to an active lifestyle. And, then you find yourself thinking, if you can actually relate to it or not. This takes away the possibility to start towards ‘that’ change. It’s that complicated, isn’t it?

So, let us not complicate things further. All I want you is to achieve your dream and then maintain it. Because it will be more than worth it. People say the process is time consuming and it requires a lot of efforts. No doubt about it, but I’ll help you make the process a little more fun.

Ways to achieve and maintain a healthy athletic lifestyle

I have compiled an efficient list of things not only to achieve but also to maintain  a healthy athletic lifestyle. The rules are simple take it slow, one day at a time. Try not to compare yourself to others efforts, that’s their journey, not yours. Be kind to yourself.

  1. Nutrition and Hydration
  2. Sleep is the best medicine
  3. Time to set some goals
  4. Exercise till you sweat

Nutrition and HydrationNutrition and Hydration

Keep it simple and organic. Cook your own food. Load your plate with colorful fruits and vegetables full of antioxidants. It protects your body from free radicals that make you age faster.

If you’re not able to plan your meals don’t worry, just make sure to have 3 proper meals with lots of water to drink. Let those meals be full of vitamins, minerals and proteins which are found in whole grains, low fat dairy, lean meats and vegetables. They provide our body with maximum energy and vitality.

Sleep is the Best MedicineSleep is the Best Medicine

Sleep is far more important than you think. It needs to stay on the top of the working order of your body, to stay motivated and active. It helps your body and mind to reduce stress and also repairs and recovers the muscles. While you are asleep, you are giving your body the opportunity to fight off germs and viruses to keep you healthy. Therefore, focus on getting a minimum of 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily.

Time to Set Some Realistic Goals

Time to Set Some Realistic GoalsGoals without a plan is just a wish. So, write down your goals in your favorite diary. Be specific. Set attainable realistic goals. Take small steps, they help because it provides you the motivation to get to the next goal you have set. Let’s not just stick to being healthy, turn it into a dream diary. Add things you want in your life, learn to experiment with activities and forgive yourself for the past. Just don’t give up! Because slow and steady wins the race.

Exercise till You SweatExercise till You Sweat

Pick a time suitable for yourself (morning if possible),when the chance to cancel your plan is almost nil. It will give you a sense of satisfaction like you have already accomplished something big. It will also keep your head clear and focused. So, make sure you stick to a plan. And, workout till you sweat. Do listen to your body’s need to maintain a healthy, happy and active life. In the end, do not forget to shower after the workout with a antibacterial body wash to prevent skin problems, caused due to excessive sweating. Maintain a good hygiene.

Do not hold yourself back from the possibilities to change your body and yourself to live a long and healthy life. To start something new is difficult, but to maintain it is relatively  easier.

Author Bio:

Evie Dawson is a fitness coach and health writer based in Boston, MA. Her passion is to encourage others to rediscover their lifestyle and get inspired for organic living.

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