Most common mistakes you make at the gym!

By on February 10, 2016
most common mistakes at the gym

Don’t waste your time at the gym! Exercise properly and eventually you’ll have the results you always wanted.

Sculpted shoulders are definitely one of the best muscle groups which can make you stand out from the crowd. Unlike most other muscle groups, deltoids are composed of three parts: the front (anterior), middle (lateral) and rear (posterior).

If you want big and strong shoulders then you need to work out hard. You have to focus on eliminating muscle imbalances and achieving the best shape possible.

Discover the 5 most common mistakes you make in the gym that stop your shoulders from getting ripped:

Dumbbell flyes – poor shape and bad technique

Given the fact that shoulder is composed of three muscle groups, with the proper performing of the exercise, dumbbell flyes can be extremely effective workout. But when you are in a bad shape and you have a bad technique when performing this exercise, it can lead to a serious injury.

Those who practice this exercise more often are making a mistake by lifting too heavy weights, in order to achieve visible results quickly. The emphasis should be primarily on the proper technique of performing the exercises and less on weights.

Overhead press


Even though this exercise primarily affects the anterior part of the deltoid muscle, it is considered to be the best exercise for the shoulder muscle. This exercise is very popular, and is present in nearly all workout programs for shoulders.

However, the problem arises when this exercise is performed incorrectly, or with heavier weights, just like with the previous one. Heavier weights will limit the range of motion. You will also start bending your back backwards, which will cause upper chest muscles to activate and that will decrease the load on your shoulders. Also, a common pitfall of this exercise is that in most cases you start workout the triceps, and not the shoulders as you should.

Always doing the same exercises

Today’s modern gyms offer a wide range of different exercises for shoulders. While dumbbells and bars are the basis for exercising the shoulders, the modern machines are allowing training of different parts of shoulder muscles.

A large number of people get stuck doing basic exercises over and over again. If you want a strong and sculpted shoulders, change your routine and experiment with other exercises.

Lack of intensity

Building strong deltoids is not an easy task and we often see men with impressive chest and arms, but not as big shoulders.

The best way of igniting muscle growth is to cause a kind of muscle tension. Every serious program for shoulders is based on supersets: three sets, followed by a break, and then training to exhaustion. And after the training, you should be active, not just to sit and relax. Only a strong and intense training can create big muscles.

Lack of warming-up


A good warm up is of vital importance, mostly because of rotator cuff muscles and mobility. If you don’t warm up well, you may experience pain in the shoulder area, which is something you certainly don’t want.

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