Reverse ageing by enhancing skeletal muscle

By on November 27, 2016

Wondering how skeletal muscle enhancement can reverse signs of ageing? Now, before we tell you how, let’s first start with the basics first and understand how they both are inter-linked. Progressive age has its own share of unfavourable aftermaths, one of them being loss of muscle mass and muscle strength. As one starts losing muscle strength, there is an increased propensity to shirk any form of physical activity which further aids vascular dysfunction and microvascular rarefaction. Additionally, age-related muscle impairment can contribute to a host of lifestyle debilitating conditions like frequent falls, fractures, restriction of fluid movement and mortality in extreme cases.

So, what causes age-related skeletal muscle loss? One of the notable factors is the considerable decline in the number of the Type I and Type II muscle fibers and shrinking of the muscle cells. Research also indicates that dysfunction of mitochondrial homeostasis and oxidative stress play a vital role in promoting skeletal muscle degeneration. Furthermore, ageing enhances ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) production and causes an imbalance in the antioxidant system which is detrimental to muscle health. It supports muscle capillarization decrease due to which older people tend to exhibit a lower skeletal muscle capillary density as opposed to the younger lot. Capillaries are the tiny ‘blood banks’ of your muscles which supply oxygen-rich blood to them and eliminate the toxic carbon dioxide in tandem. A diminished muscle capillarization invokes muscle fatigue and hinders overall well-being.

So, how do we enhance the skeletal muscle and reverse the tell-tale symptoms of muscles loss induced ageing symptoms? Let’s demystify:

Exercise Your Aged Muscles for an Energetic and Vivacious You

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Increase the stamina of your ageing body and make it adaptable to exertion with regular aerobic and endurance exercises. Long-term endurance training increases the number of mitochondria in the muscle cells which results in amplified energy levels. As a result, the body overcomes its muscle fatigue and is invigorated enough to undertake day-to-day and strenuous activities more efficiently and effortlessly. Vigorous endurance exercise fosters muscle capillary build-up and increases glycolytic and oxidative enzyme activity. Likewise, continual resistance training stimulates hypertrophy of muscles and develops muscle strength. The enlarged muscle fibers trigger muscle growth and enable the aged skeletal muscle to function more seamlessly. Consequently, leading a normal life becomes easier and various age-related diseases like Type II diabetes, coronary artery disease, osteoporosis and obesity can be delayed or prevented altogether.

So, bid adieu to the harmful sedentary life that you have been leading till now and become a die-hard loyalist of physical activity for an ageless, lithe and agile body for years to come.

Start Early with Polyphenols and Laugh Away Your Muscle Fatigue

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Polyphenols are phytochemicals with antioxidant properties. Available extensively in unprocessed raw vegetables and fruits, polyphenols modulate oxidative stress and can fight against a host of age-related diseases including osteoporosis and neurodegenerative disorders. Clinical studies suggest that polyphenols, when embraced early in one’s dietary plan, can enhance one’s natural antioxidant arsenal and avoid deterioration of aged muscle. They prevent the age-related dwindle of mitochondrial functions in the skeletal muscle and restore the muscle maximal mitochondrial oxidative capacity. Polyphenols are also known to accelerate recovery of damaged skeletal muscle and reduce ROS production – two adverse repercussions of ongoing ageing.

So, if you are eyeing for robust health during your later years, start ingesting polyphenols early in life and embrace healthy ageing.

Compliment Your Diet with Supplements for Lasting Skeletal Muscle Strength

Last but not the least, leverage the goodness of natural supplements like Tongkat Ali that has been used in traditional medicine for decades now to boost lean muscle mass and heighten muscle strength due to its anabolic properties. Studies have demonstrated benefits of Tongkat Ali in muscle increase, it has been found to also reduce body fat and ameliorate muscle strength. No wonder it is the ubiquitous choice for many bodybuilders and athletes who want to elevate their endurance, stamina and vitality naturally without the harmful effects of steroids and synthetic drugs.

There you go…few quick tips for magnifying your skeletal muscle. Now, let go of your ageing woes and count your years happily as each passing year promises renewed joy for you with your newfound vigour and energy.

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