Simple Health and Fitness Tips – Interview with Dana Gore

By on December 14, 2015

One of the coolest things about being a health and fitness writer is being able to meet new people.

Since the internet has picked up so much momentum over the last 15-20 years, each and every one of us has the opportunity to connect with others, regardless of where they live or what their schedules look like.

We get to share the lessons we’ve learned with one another and if we’re lucky, we’ll pick up some valuable insights that will improve the quality of our lives in every way possible.

This is why I’m so grateful to have been able to write for Formulated Fitness.

Earlier this year, I was contacted by another health and fitness professional who was looking to expand on his own ability to communicate with the public about how to stay healthy and well. His concept was to interview writers, coaches, authors and personal trainers/nutritionists in an effort to bring useful tips and strategies to those of you looking to improve the quality of your health, and your life.

He found this website, and I was honored to have been asked to participate in what was to be an entire series of podcasts designed to educate listeners about all things regarding healthy living.

In this post, I’m going to share the podcast I participated in, in addition to a follow up interview for a new video series that has transpired since the beginning of this project.

Now if you have read any of my other posts, you’ll know that my approach to weight loss has to do with connecting to an enthusiasm toward overall well-being.

I also discuss safety, as this is so important when it comes to embarking on an exercise program. It may not be a sexy topic, but considering that most of the injuries that occur during a workout are easily preventable, this is a time when using hindsight in the present moment will serve you well.

So without further ado, I’m going to share these interviews with you with the hope that you’ll stumble across some information that may change the way you look at health and fitness if this has been something you have struggled with. I feel there are many unique and desirable ways to incorporate a healthy living practice into your life – and sometimes it takes an expansion of perspective to allow new ideas to help to inspire a desired result.

Simple Health and Fitness Tips – Interview with Dana Gore

The first interview is from a discussion I had with Tom Huffman of Tom Huffman’s Calisthenics Academy back in March of this year. He actually has several interviews available on both his website and on itunes, and he has a Youtube channel where he shares his fitness tips videos, along with interviews with other health and fitness professionals.

The podcast is from his “Trainer’s Talk at the Digital Water Cooler” series. It’s in two parts, and you can let it play as you go about your other activities.

Interview with Dana Gore: Part 1


Interview with Dana Gore: Part 2


Now, the video I’m sharing is from only a couple of weeks ago – which happened to be the week of Thanksgiving.

I’m not used to being in front of the camera, however, I’ve decided that now is as good a time as any to start getting more comfortable with it because I intend to share my thoughts and expertise with as many people as possible..and this means to expand on my delivery system. If you happen to notice that my mannerisms are just a bit animated and that you can hear me breathing into the mic, just know that I’ve taken note of these things and will make the appropriate adjustments from here on out.

Tom and I talked about how to maintain healthy habits during the Thanksgiving holiday, however, the ideas presented here would work beautifully with any holiday festivities.

We also touched on some additional safety aspects in regard to exercise programming…and we talked about the emotional components that go hand in hand with a health and fitness program.

I’ve mentioned in several other posts that our inner-world is directly responsible for our external circumstances – and this includes how we take care of ourselves.

The discussion can be enjoyed whether you are sitting in front of the video or if you’re allowing it to play in the background.

I did mention my website at the end of the video, and if you’d like to continue to receive similar and complimentary info, insights and tips, feel free to visit me over at

I’ll end the post with the video and wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy New year.

May the holiday season and upcoming new year bring you peace, wealth and optimal health.

Fitness Talk With Dana Gore and Tom Huffman

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Author of the book A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety (What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You), Dana Gore completed the curriculum at Fitness Institute International, Inc. as an outstanding graduate in 2009.

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