The Ideal Spots for Urban Running in Any Big City

By on October 30, 2016

The Ideal Spots for Urban Running in Any Big City


Running in a big city is a lot different than running in a quiet environment like a small neighborhood or a hidden trail. There are potential risks when running in a busy street, such as vehicular accidents and air pollution.

Don’t worry, though, because there are places within the city where you can enjoy running without having to worry about these dangers too much. In this article, we will discuss some tips on choosing the best areas to run within a huge city.

Know the safest route possible
Safety is always a priority when running in a busy area like the city. Aside from avoiding vehicles, going to the right places should be at the top of your mind. It would be best to make use of a map to help you find a safe place to run.

Potential hazards are often seen in areas that are less populated. Choosing areas with a healthy balance of people reduces your risk of getting mobbed or mugged.
Always consider the time of the day when you can freely run without having to bump into many pedestrians and fellow runners.

Use online tools

Runners now have the opportunity to make use of gadgets and online apps to ensure that your next run goes smoothly. Some of the best apps for runners include Map My Run, Walk Jog Run, and even Google Maps.

You may also find good information on the best running spots from websites such as These sites can provide a lot of running tips to make your physical exercise effective and safe.

Bring personal identification

Apart from your running gear, bringing an identification card or your mobile phone may be helpful in case of emergencies. Besides, you can use your mobile device to listen to music as you run in the city.

Be careful with using earphones

Speaking of music, some runners find it more fun to run with something playing in their ears. However, wearing earphones may be a reason for some accidents, especially if your music is on full blast.

During a run, you must always be aware of your environment. If you can’t avoid not using your headphones, at least keep the volume low so that you can still hear the environment around you.


Is running not possible in the city?

You may already have programmed a daily run into your regular routine, but some conditions may prevent you from enjoying this activity – such as when it’s raining hard. One way to keep your physical activity up is by walking in the mall. This may sound a little odd because you might end up shopping instead of running, but finishing a few laps around the mall can do you some good.

More things to keep in mind

This cannot be stressed enough: always keep safe when running. Here are more reminders on your next run in the big city:

Keep your eyes sharp for any danger that may happen.
Make sure that you look both ways when crossing the street.
Never run by the curb side. Always stay as far as possible from the road. You may never know when a car suddenly meets some freak accident.
Try to wear bright colored clothes so you can be seen from afar.
Don’t forget to wear the best running shoes. Never settle for any kind of shoes. Ensure that the shoes perfectly fit and can provide you with the needed support when running.
Never forget to bring along a bottle of water to keep you hydrated all the time.
These tips should be able to help you find the best possible running spots in the city that you’re living in.

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