The Internet Can Help You Lose Weight!

By on July 7, 2017
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You may have seen or read hundreds of fitness related articles online throughout the past few years, and whether that surprises or not, they actually help most of the time. We reached out to several online influencers who offer both free and paid services that usually require nothing more than an Internet connection. This, of course, does not include the food you have to buy, as well as a gym membership, but what we consider the important thing is the advice you get from the article or live video lesson you chose to follow.

On its own, fitness is defined as a “condition of being physically fit and healthy”. Generally speaking, fitness is a way of life people follow in order to both look and feel healthy, while maintaining a low body fat level. But unfortunately, there’s not a single definition that says a fit body can be achieved online, and that’s where changes occur. The Internet is your friend, and since there are as many fitness coaches as there are online articles for weight loss, every single one of those coaches wants to provide help to even the most remote people on the planet.

What we want to cover next is how to search for the right fitness lesson online. First of all (having done the Google search), you should check the website’s “authority”, as in “if this website wants me to pay for a lesson, how certain am I that this fitness lesson will actually work?” After some research on online fitness courses via Google, we found literally thousands of websites, where each of them features at least 100 lessons. All of them (regardless of the fact whether or not you should pay a fee for the course) seem pretty legit, and some even feature ratings, which you can see on your search engine without even entering a website.

One other thing you might find handy are smartphone apps for weight loss, calorie intake tracking, as well as workout plans. Some of the best Android apps you should definitely check out are Lose It!, 7 Minute Workout, and Runtastic. We find these apps to be the best possible way of getting the best of your time spent working out. Today’s generations simply cannot imagine a single day without a smartphone, and having an app as your workout companion makes every workout much more satisfying.

Next on our list are those influential fitness coaches mentioned above. As far as the Internet goes, there is an (almost) insanely high number of YouTubers, vloggers, bloggers, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat “superstars”, and so many different people to follow. One of those people is Dan Hensley, a fitness expert who provides weight loss lessons via Zeqr. One thing we asked him was when he begins handing out advice to those who seek help online.

“I never give out weight loss advice until I know the person is mentally ready,” says Dan. This is particularly true when taking into consideration the vast number of people who use the Internet on a daily basis. Fitness coaches who want to rely on the Internet in order to hand out advice have this huge barrier in front of them, represented by the mental unreadiness of the audience browsing through dozens of web pages. Not a single coach can predict whether or not an individual who signed up for a paid online lesson is prepared for a challenge of that stature, and Dan fits quite well amongst them all.

On the other hand, people at Live Streaming Fitness believe that health improvement shouldn’t cost a lot, because they’re quite aware of the various people who seek weight loss tips. They have a rather affordable paid model that helped thousands of people reshape their lives.

Summing it up, we have this crazy, virtual world dubbed “the Internet”, in which we all exist in a virtual way. The only thing connecting us is the cable infrastructure, but for those seeking more than education or fun online, there are always people ready to help, no matter where you’re coming from.

And as for fitness, check out how to maintain that healthy lifestyle your online coach taught you! Hope this brief article helped  your journey towards a healthier you!

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