12 Simple Exercise Demonstrations

By on December 28, 2015

When it comes to learning how to incorporate an exercise program into your life, simplicity can be your friend.

Given how many different programs there are to choose from, it can probably be a little intimidating for someone new to fitness.

So today, I’ve decided to take some easy and simple movements and share video demonstrations to help you to become familiar with form and technique.

This way, once you do find – or create your own routine, you’ll at least have learned the basics.

12 Simple Exercise Demonstrations

Here are some exercises/videos to help get you started on strength training.

1 – Squats

Squats are one of the best, and most functional exercises you can do.

They not only work the entire lower body, but since they mimic the act of getting up from a chair, this is one of those “use it or lose it” type of things.

I can’t begin to tell you how often I have witnessed people having difficulty trying to get up from a seated position, and since this is something you will do for the rest of your life, why not make sure you’re doing it regularly, and with the appropriate amount of strength to do so without struggle?

Here’s an excellent demonstration of how to do the squat exercise. You’l also get to see demos of a couple of other useful exercises as well.

2 – Lunge

The lunge is a popular way to work the lower body. It’s a challenging exercise, and needs to be done with mindfulness and proper form.

This video demonstration shows you how to do a stationary (she calls it stable) lunge and includes both forward and backward lunges as well.

3 – Lateral Reaching Lunge

The lateral reaching lunge is an effective way to work your entire lower body, and it targets your inner-thighs as well.

You’ll reap the benefits of a well-rounded method of working the lower body as opposed to sitting in one of those thigh isolation machines (which is not a viable option for non gym-goers anyway).

Check out this video demo given by JC Santana – one of the most well-respected pioneers of the fitness industry – and the man who brought functional training to the mainstream.

5 – Front /Lateral Shoulder Raise

The demonstrations in this video highlights how to do both a front and lateral raise, which are excellent ways to strengthen the shoulders.

6 – Shoulder (Overhead/Military) Press

This is a safe video demonstration for doing a shoulder press. He explains why it’s best to make sure your arms aren’t way out to the sides to help avoid additional stress of the shoulder joints.

The well-qualified trainer in this video is Rick Kaselj from Exercises For Injuries. Given the nature of his work, you can understand why I am enthusiastic about sharing his information.

7 – Bicep Curls

Now while everyone might be familiar with bicep curls, did you know there were several ways to do them?

I’m going to share a few different methods of doing bicep curls with you so you have the option to mix things up a bit.

7a – Concentration Curls

Another variation of the bicep curl in a seated position.


7b – Reverse Bicep Curls

And another.

You can use dumbbells to do this if you want. It’s just another way to work the muscle group.

8 – Triceps

This video demonstrates how to do the seated overhead tricep extension.

Make sure that when you do any of these exercises you are not locking your joints.

In the tricep kickback video featured after this one, you’ll notice that she straightens her arm without locking her elbow – which is a very important thing to do to avoid injury.

8 a – Tricep Kickbacks

Although she is using a bench, you can use a chair or do this in a standing position.

8- Push-Ups

In this video, she starts with a modified version followed by a full push-up.

9 – Rows

Rows are excellent for strengthening the back, posterior deltoids and biceps.

I consider them to be one of the most basic exercises that deserve to be included in any fitness program – as they are excellent for strength, but will also provide size and tone.

10 – Reverse Fly

This is another way to work the back.

You can alternate this with rows to get a well-rounded routine.

11 – Chest Press

Yet another staple in a fitness program, the chest press works the entire chest, anterior delts and triceps.

This demo offers a basic dumbbell chest press. Listen to what he says in the last half of the video in regard to the return position and the possibility of shoulder injury – as this is very important information.

12 – Chest Fly

Another effective way of strengthening the chest muscles along with the anterior delts.

While the triceps come into play during the chest press, they don’t actually get involved in the chest fly and instead, the short head of the bicep does.

This is why it’s cool to mix things up a bit. You can still work a major muscle group while utilizing a wide variety of other muscles…which is a great way to build overall strength.

These Exercises Are Simple

The truth is, there are various ways to incorporate all of these exercises into your program, however, the idea behind this particular post was to keep things simple.

Just make sure that you listen to your body and respect any pain or discomfort outside of the normal muscle fatigue/ soreness you may experience.

Once you become well acquainted with these exercises, you can then go ahead and explore additional options to add to your routine.

What are some of your favorite simple exercises?

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